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It’s so customary to make New Year Resolutions that we often don’t realise that there’s never a wrong/right time to learn something new, aspire for something or just even realize something in life!! For me, birthdays (mine as well as my near and dear ones’)  have always been quite important and special. So, today being my birthday, I would like to ponder upon something which I have realized and learnt the harder way. And yeah, it’s never too late!

The content of this post has been floating in my mind since quite sometime but never got to take shape of words. Today it is then! Celebrating my **th Birthday today, I definitely feel more fortunate than lot of people out there in so many ways that I should not complain about few bad things in life! Life itself is a very rare, precious, beautiful gift and being surrounded by so many awesome, affectionate  people is like an icing on the cake!!

Even when there are a few BIG failures, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS cos of so many numerous achievements , however small they are!

Even when handful of people dislike you, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS cos you are loved by so many and you are blessed enough to have experienced what it means to be lovable!!

Even when there are moments when everything seems uncertain, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS cos rainbows following raucous rains are one of the most pleasant surprises!

Even when there are few nasty people around, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS cos these people teach you what you are worth, what you deserve and how good is the good around you!!

Even when you have hurt someone (intentionally or unintentionally), Life is Beautiful ALWAYS cos lot of what happens is not under your control, not everything can be perfect, and time can heal everything!

Even when someone you love hurts you, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS cos not everyone knows what a beautiful feeling it is to have  a heart full of love!!

Even when someone doesn’t love you the way want him/her to, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS cos someone somewhere loves you more than you can ever imagine or understand!!

Even when you feel you are not getting what you badly want, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS as there is something better waiting for you!!

Even when you find it difficult to smile at all, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS as you never know what difference can your smile make for someone!!

Even when you think you are alone, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS cos there is always someone  who is thinking about you but would never gather enough courage to let you know!!

Even when you fall short of words and struggle to express yourself, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS as some things are better left unsaid!!

Even when you think you are not perfect, Life is Beautiful ALWAYS as one day you will be loved immensely for your this very imperfection and nothing can be more beautiful!!

Life really is beautiful, everyday, in some way! You just need to look out for the awesomeness the world and it’s people have to offer. Keep an open mind & heart and everything will fall into place..sooner or later 🙂

Happy Birthday to me!!