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It takes a lot of courage and motivation to take the first few steps towards something which is not your cup of tea! And, this generally holds true for Testers and programming/coding. So, getting started has always been hard for me and I have done it several times, did few things here and there and lost interest and abandoned it. 

This time, as I stated earlier, I am going to be consistent and write about it as I learn. Hope it will help me and few others!

To get started (Automation using Selenium) , you just need following installed on your machine:

1) Java : Get it from here.

2) JDK: Get it from here.

3) Eclipse: Get it from here.

Next step is to learn Java Basics. it sounds simple but is something where people might make mistakes mostly! I realize that this is one thing I did incorrectly and that has really dragged my process of learning.  Testers need to understand how much Java is “just-enough” for them and jump into automation, rather than spending lot of time on Java. 

I think it serves two purposes; firstly, it’s better to learn Java as and when required while automating and secondly, you get to do what you are supposed to do , i.e. automation sooner than later and that keeps you interested. Again, this might just be what I think!

So, my next few posts will be about Java Basics. It’s all already out there, but I want to pen it down for my future reference. I do need good luck’s to do something which has proven to be a mammoth task for me in past :).