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Social Media has taken the world by storm and has become an inextricable part of our lives. No matter what your age group, interests or likings are , you will find some or the other platform to keep you occupied. For some people, it is an addiction in one way or the other while some just loathe it. Either way, it is the talk of the town!

With numerous platforms like Facebook,Twitter, Google+ (and many more…) , and the notifications/tweets/likes/comments, no wonder it has become a bit of a cult in society.For people who are addicted to it, it is like a religion and  it’s an justifiable evil! I have had numerous interesting and thought provoking discussions with heaps of people about this and it’s an never ending debate.

I cannot say I am an addict but I accept it’s quite an important part of my daily life. I can certainly live without these sites but life seems more “happening” (couldn’t find a better word!!) when I am active on Social Media.  For me, it’s an easy way to be in touch with people, friends, to know what is happening in their life and to let them know the same about me! It’s not that I can’t or don’t use other ways like emails/phone calls , it’s just that if few things can be done in a better way, then why not? Who doesn’t like variety and some spice in life!!!

It’s quite amazing that people love it and hate it for the same reasons.. exposure, or rather over-exposure, should I say! Some people like being notified when X/Y/Z is feeling awesome while others go “WTF” at the same status update ! I like it when people like or comment on something I feel or write or cook or click a picture of! And for those who think they don’t need to know any of these, I can only say one thing: If you really feel it’s unnecessary, please stay away. If you visit these sites, this is all what this world has to offer to you!

Another more popular reason people give for not liking it so much is that it’s all fake world and fake people out there. Well, it truly is correct upto some extent but I would not hold only social media accountable for all the fakeness around us. Do we all not fake/pretend something somewhere very often?? It’s genuinely not possible to do/say/write everything we want in reality and that’s when the social media provides a virtual world where everything seems effortless and the most bizarre things attract the most attention. Does that not sound cool??

No offence intended,  to some people, its a waste of time and energy but for some it’s sheer fun,  and a rejuvenating source. And it would not be an exaggeration if I say that those who pretend to be inactive (because they are mute observers, they don’t post/like/comment) also use it as much as the so-called active users. For me, it’s an awesome gift of internet boom and the possibilities these sites can be used are limitless!