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Though Automation has been THE buzzword for quite sometime now in testing world, I kind of never invested much time to upgrade my skills in this area! When I ponder over it,  I find more than one reason behind this unintended negligence. Most importantly, automation or indirectly programming din’t feel like my cup of tea for a long long time. Secondly, I was learning/training for other things like Agile & other certifications and Automation got conveniently ignored. There was never a drive enough for me to start working on it or take it seriously. But, as of know , working as a (successful) tester (I take the liberty to use this adjective!!) for almost five years, lack of this golden magical word feels like a big gap in my Resume! 

 It’s not that I have not tried learning automation ever and I am surprised at myself about how many times I have started, done few things and got nonchalant all of a sudden! Watched videos on Youtube, bought Selenium training tutorials online, read Complete Java Reference (not completely though!!), tried to get inspired from Automation Test Analyst at work, but Alas! everything was short-lived! I still haven’t fallen for Automation completely but have definitely realized that it’s high time to start putting serious and sincere efforts in this area! I have decided not to get budged by anything this time and I certainly have good feeling about  as I write this! An as they say, burden of one’s choice is not felt, I hope its going to work this time!

The only strategy I have in my mind this time is to have a gentler approach rather than going gaga over it. I have decided to take baby steps and stick to it even if the learning process is slow and not so regular. And yes, I have decided to write about it while I learn. Probably, I will feel more responsible when I add automation as one of the Menu options on my blog. And, I might help a few people like me (who want to learn automation but could never have enough interest, courage and time) in my journey.So, good luck to me and to all those amazing people who will read my upcoming posts!

Happy Testing 🙂