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So, this is my third day of survival without my smartphone and I am very much alive, which surprises myself a bit too!! I was devastated and shocked and bewildered when suddenly my phone shutdown on its own (Are Phones even allowed to do so!!!). It actually happened when I was reading a link sent over WhatsApp by my sister. I am still trying to figure out whose fault is it…. my sister’s or Zuckenberg’s!!!

Anyways, a lot has changed in my life without my loyal companion..my phone 😦 and I feel it all through the day. Of course I am not entirely Phone-less, I have been using an old Nokia phone as a substitute since three days now. And I don’t feel any nostalgic about it!!

Most of all, I miss the feeling of holding something sleek, fanciful (bit of an exaggeration, I know!!) in my hands. Imagine when you get up one day and see your chick girlfriend replaced by an elderly woman!! Pretty sure now you get what I am going through , lol!

Next biggest thing I miss is WhatsApp, seriously. I have developed an eternal love for WhatsApp recently & it is THE app which I check first when I touch my phone! Consequently, I miss all funny and not-so-funny WhatsApp jokes, very funny pics from my cousins group (I miss you guys so so much !!) , all good mornings and good nights from friends from across the globe!! 

Viber is another candidate! I wonder soon my friends will start worrying about me when they notice “Last Online …” few days ago! Viber (and whatever else you use!) really made me feel the world small and people accessible!

I miss my alarm tone, my ring tone, my message tone….. all those notifications ….checking FB multiple times a day…waiting for comments & notifications & likes…  that smooth gliding of fingers on a touch-screen…not-to-mention so many other numerous apps …almost everything seems so melancholic these days  😦 

And yeah, I miss Candy Crush, not happy with just playing it on my laptop!! The only game I have on my Nokia is some brick game to make buildings.. sounds authentically primitive!

Too much injustice and harsh things for old phones, isn’t it?? Well, there are some advantages as well. I am spending less time on Phone now, which anyways I am not utilizing anywhere else. And, I don’t live and breathe with a fear of dying battery all the time! I had forgotten the feeling of charging phone only every other day!!! What a bliss it is 😉 . But honestly, I would never whinge  about it from now on! See, how I am downplaying the advantages! 

I do really, honestly miss my phone and hope my smart-phone less days will end soon!! I wish phones can warn before abandoning you like this 🙂 and no one has to face such gloomy, boring days!!