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In two or three weeks sprints in SCRUM, meetings really become a daunting task and can add a lot of overhead without any real benefit if not conducted in a time-boxed, disciplined manner. Sprint Planning, Showcase and Retros are the essential meetings for SCRUM.


Another meeting which can definitely add value is the Backlog Grooming or Backlog Refinement Meeting. Backlog Grooming is an entirely different meeting as compared to the Sprint Planning. Sprint Planning is all about the Sprint Backlog whereas Backlog Grooming deals with the Product Backlog.  It’s generally done on second or third last day of the sprint in progress.

The team I worked in has used Backlog Grooming Meeting to:

— Reprioritise the Product Backlog.

— Revisit the previous high level estimates on Product Backlog Items.

— Provide high level estimates to Product Backlog items which have more information then.

— Breakdown/Split Product Backlog Items (especially epics) in some cases or add more details.

— Add more items to the Product Backlog.

The team, Product Owner and Scrum Master participate in it and customer can also be involved if required.

With frequently changing things in an Agile environment, Backlog Grooming polishes the backlog and saves lot of time in the next sprint planning.

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