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Catch-22 by Joseph Heller is said to be one of the finest piece of literary works of last century which baffles me a bit ( a lot actually!!) but maybe thats only me! It’s a war novel, one of the strangest books I have ever read, one which I took longest to read, one which I thought of abandoning more than twice. Phew.. so many records! I am surprised that I actually finished it somehow.


It was one of those books which is on so many “Must read” books list and the back of the book had amazing reviews! I had been reading Sci-Fi since quite some time and wanted some change! And the title actually made it to the English dictionary as a phrase. Hence I picked it up for reading. Once I read few pages, I knew its going to give me a hard time if I wanted to complete it. And honestly, I have left two so-called good books after a few pages in last couple of months and I didn’t want to make it a habit, so I made up my mind to finish it at any cost and yes it was a torture :(.


As I am writing it, I can feel that it’s not much of a review, instead I want to take my frustration out by sharing it with others. Anyways, there was hardly anything that I feel like writing about this one. It’s about a bunch of crazy people who talk crazily throughout the book and if you read it word-by-word, it will drive you crazy as well. Yossarian is a U.S army officer and doesn’t want to do his flying missions. So, he keeps on faking some illness or other. That’s pretty much it!


Author keeps on introducing new characters every now and then, they have some conversation and you really don’t need to remember any of it as their is no plot or anything. If you skip 30-40 pages, you don’t miss anything. If you go back and read what you have already read, you feel like it’s the first time you are reading it! It’s one of those books which you will completely like or dislike.  I would not suggest this one to anyone. There is so much more to read out there!