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Time flies.. so true! My blog is one year old today.. This is not the first time that I gathered enough courage to start a blog (YES, I have two more blogs 🙂 ) but this is the first time when I actually tried my best to keep it going.  And all  I can say is that the journey has been fantabulous!!
A big huge thank-you to everyone who has taken time to read my posts, liked  them, commented & shared them with more people and encouraged me. Every gesture of yours is truly appreciated! 
It has helped me discover quite a few new things about myself and reach out to people with what little I have to offer. I have got to know some great people through the blog,  read some amazing pieces of writing and learnt heaps of new things. Reading has always been a pleasure for me; my WordPress Reader is nothing less than a Pandora’s box for me now!! But with the blog, writing as well seems to be fun and reading what I wrote a while ago is an equally pure joy!!
Wouldn’t make this post a long and boring one as I have got some long ones lined up to be posted soon :). So, Happy First Birthday to my blog and thanks everyone once again.
Happy Blogging and Reading 🙂