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This review was long overdue because I thought that spending even one more minute on this one would make me a culprit of not believing in love!   Wherever you check, this one has got 4 to 5 star rating and has been considered a classic literary work but for me it’s simply the most spiteful novel I have read.

Wuthering Heights is the only novel written by Emily Bronte when she was 29 (she passed away the very next year), back in 1846-1847.  If I am asked to write about this book in short, I would say it’s a so-called love story where people in love are more obsessed with being possessive or maintaining social status and they actually don’t now how to love or what love is!
Every single character of the main story is hateful. Heathcliff loves Catherine, his adopter’s daughter. Catherine loves him too but marries Edgar because he is rich. Well, that is OK to happen but madness of their love starts after this.  Catherine cannot forget Heathcliff and is always sick and dies after her daughter Cathy is born. Heathcliff marries Edgar’s sister Isabella for revenge (How gross!!). She goes to South London and gives birth to a son Linton. Catherine also had a brother Hindley who has a son Hareton.  After her father’s death, Cathy lives with Heathcliff and Linton in Wuthering Heights here Linton dies and she just withdraws from the world. One day, Heathcliff is also found dead in Catherine’s room.
Lot of people seemed to be loving each other but they were more engrossed in taking revenge or giving them troubles. It’s like reading about a bunch of evil psychos doing weird things and dying. 
Just couple more things before I am done with “Wuthering Heights” for life :
I doubt that even people who love dark love stories would like Wuthering Heights.
This review is going to upset the “few” courageous people who loved this book and read it repeatedly!!
It still had some beautiful lines 
“I have not broken your heart – you have broken it; and in breaking it, you have broken mine.” 
“He is more me than I am myself. Whatever our two souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”