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Not that I had special plans for this weekend, but surely din’t want to end up being  bed-ridden after an early-Saturday morning visit to Emergency. So here I am sitting with my leg popped up on a pillow (not to forget the not-so-fancy compression stocking) and  with a red hospital wrist band (it is the month of February ..right??) and supposed to be confined to bed for atleast next two days!!

Never imagined a little sprained knee can cause this much trouble. It’s not the pain which is daunting but the idea of being bedridden  is a bit traumatizing. I think people like me use heavy words after a visit to hospital…just that “hospital smell” does weird things to my mind!

So, what next?? Last one hour has been spent in making list of things I should/can do and surprisingly it doesn’t sound too bad. Am I being too optimistic?? I hope not!! I have got two half-read novels to finish and I can write reviews on my blog. So many movies to watch and re-watch!! I can sleep as much as I want and end up being a sleepyhead at work on Monday (thats something wrong with me..the more I sleep, more sleepy I become!) I can flood facebook with endless status updates (this is something new to try!!) and play candy crush for as long as I want!! Or I can just do nothing!! So much to do. Feel a bit better already after writing  this down here. Blog comes in handy in these situations!! 

Any more ideas of killing time are more than welcome!