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It’s quite important and equally daunting task for a tester to ensure that adequate testing has been performed. The task becomes more challenging in an AGILE environment where exploratory testing is practiced and traditional Requirement Traceability Matrix  is not maintained.

Murphy discovered a new, easy and quick way to do this from one of the colleagues. Communication is the mantra once again! Multiple testers are working on testing chunks of this big functionality. As soon as a tester is done with functionally testing his/her part, he/she would pair up with another tester(s) and let others ask him/her questions. These questions are the ones which pop up in mind straight away, basically the high level scenarios.

It is like killing two birds with one stone. The tester who did the functional testing might get few more scenarios to test and the others will get a deeper understanding of the functionality, keeping everyone at the same page. Same exercise can be repeated with developers and other team members as well. This is very easy, fast and time saving and works really better than formal review sessions!!