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Just returned back from India after a short visit to family. Fourth trip back home in last five years, this one was just 10 months after the previous one!! Only writing this is such a pleasure šŸ™‚

Each and every time I come back, its the same strange silence that surrounds me for days!! Every time I hope that it would be the last time but in vain. Maybe after I pen it down this time in words, it might help me overcome it sooner in future.

When I gave it a thought in last two days, it seems like there are quite a few reasons behind this. Most importantly, there aren’t that many people in Australia to make any noticeable noise šŸ˜€ , hence it feels so alien to the ears. Lesser people, lesser vehicles, no stray animals..its just so lonely and unbearably quiet (after a trip back home ) everywhere.  Sounds strange but is actually true.

Another more important reason is the closeness with family and friends back home which goes amiss here! Its so difficult to imagine how much distance a few hours flight can create..physically and emotionally!! There are friends everywhere but people are never fungible and everyone creates a void of silence in his/her absence.

I so much wish to have atleast some time every now and then when I can have EVERYONE I love/need/ like/want with me at the place I like the most and I could freeze time :).  Maybe then there won’t be any space for silence!!