It was my cousin’s 18th birthday yesterday and a small family get-together was organised to celebrate his special day. It was an awesome feeling seeing his friends dance like crazy on peppy numbers, smearing cake on his face and those birthday bumps!! I enjoyed the nostalgia brought by all this and suddenly realized how much I have changed or grown up (to be more sophisticated!!) over the past few years.

New habits have become a part of  life now, few old likings have been lost somewhere gradually or neglected. There are heaps of cherished moments spent with family and friends which occupy a big space in mind. Lots of  people have joined in this journey of life…. some have been there since then..some have come and left without leaving  footprints on heart while a lot have turned out to be indispensable.  

At the same time, there are tons of things for which I would like to use a CTRL + Z as a first thought when I think about them. These things/people/experiences/events are very few  of the bitter ones in life. And, who doesn’t want to eliminate the ugly things and have a life like a cakewalk?? But, in reality, these are the things which make us what we are today.. as an individual. Each and every person or  incident was meant to be there for a reason, sometimes the reason is evident and sometimes it’s not so explicit. Some things transform into sweet memories while others are bitter encounters, but they serve a purpose.. always. So, yes CTRL +Z is something which one should not look for in life. Whatever life offers should be welcomed with a faith that everything happens for good and whatever has happened should be cherished and remembered with the same belief that it has happened for a reason!!