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Few days ago, I read this beautiful post about how to deal with toxic people in life and it made my optimistic self ponder about just the opposite kind of people around me. I would call them MAGICAL!!

It’s so common and easy to notice the toxic (love the term!) ones and blame them for so much that happens to us and sometimes energising the vindictive, spiteful person inside us. They just don’t do any good to us and we just don’t do any good because of them. And this species is prevalent everywhere… family, work, wherever you go.

But I don’t want to write about the toxic ones, I am more interested in my MAGICAL people. They also exist everywhere around us..as family, as friends, as colleagues, as some stranger somewhere. Some stay with us throughout or for a long long time while some are meant to do their magic trick and leave. 

I have got a fair share of magicians around me and I refer to them as magical as small trivial things which are often ignored by us are really really more magical than magic. It can just be as simple as bringing a smile to someone’s face when it seems difficult. It’s the magic of these people that helps overcome the toxicity of the toxic ones. Just talking to them makes the problems look less problematic. Spending some silent time with few can just free up your mind of confusion. Some of them are patient listeners, some are good advisers, some are just funny and show us things we cannot see. But ALL are magical in their own way! I hope I can can create some magic in someone else’s life too!!