Murphy is an enthusiastic tester and a person who loves to work; one of those who never says NO for anything. Still, it makes a lot of obvious difference when he is “Asked” for something or “Told” to do something.

Being asked for something makes him feel important that he is given a choice and adds some zing to the work! It makes him more involved in work and hence a better sense of accountability! It just makes everything more worthwhile and enjoyable. 

In contrast, he has also experienced situations where he was “Told” to do something. It’s just the same work..requires same amount of effort but the entire mindset changes when he is told rather than being asked. All the magic lies in the words. Being told seems like an order and carries an excess baggage of consequences and after effects. 

Asking and Telling might seem alike to the requester but it makes a whole lot of difference to the addressee. One really needs to be on the other side of the fence to understand and appreciate it!!