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Very small things can actually make a big difference in our own or someone else’s life. And its almost always true that something which gives pleasure to someone else can brighten up our day as well :

1. Saying THANK-YOU for all good deeds: Quite often, we forget to thank people for favours, big and small. It’s easy to take things and people for granted but it’s not too difficult either to be thankful!

2. Saying SORRY from the heart: It’s such a simple thing and goes a long way. It’s one of those words which we love to hear and so seldomly say! It can make such a huge difference if we can make it the other way round.

3. APPRECIATING : Everyone longs for appreciation and praise. You qualify for this in some form or other at all times and so do others. It matters most if given at a time when it is deserved the least!

4. EXPRESSING the true feelings: most of relations fail when we think so much that there is no time left for doing something. Life can be so simple if you wear your heart on your sleeves and let people know of your true feelings whether it is liking/loving/respecting or caring for someone.

5. A SMILE: Your smile can really make someone else’s day, you never know how much you are liked or valued for that smile of yours :).  Always wear a smile and feel how contagious it can be! It’s such a good feeling when someone smiles at your smile :).