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Apocalyptic novel, written by Susan Beth Pfeffer, “This World We Live in” is  third and the last one in the Moon Trilogy. I picked this one up randomly from the library in a rush, just by looking at the cover and title. Yes, I do it sometimes! And I definitely don’t regret it! Had I known that its part of a trilogy, I definitely wouldn’t have read the last one in the series first.

Its an epistolary novel, the diary entries are written by a 16-17 years old girl Miranda. The entries span over 3 months showing the struggle of people still alive an year after the Moon was hit by an asteroid.  The asteroid accident has caused havoc on Earth in from of earthquakes, volcanoes, no sunlight, grey skies and complete cities being destroyed. Without any water, electricity, sunlight and internet, people are trying hard to survive.

I have read lot of Science fictions which mainly dealt with going to Space or Moon, building elevators and stuff. This is the first one I read which shows hardships that can be inflicted on Earth and mankind because of some space calamity. I finished it pretty quickly and was never bored during the read.

Miranda’s character is  of a typical teenager…cynical, impatient, lovestruck. I cannot imagine this book being narrated by any of the other characters. Miranda’s vantage point is used effectively I think. I don’t have any complaints from any of the characters. Given such circumstances, anyone would behave weird. All in all, I did like the book and I do want to read the first two in the series soon!

Life’s sloppy…You think you know how tomorrow’s going to be, you’ve made your plans, everything is set in place, and then the unimaginable happens. Life catches you by surprise. It always does. But there’s good mixed in with the bad. It’s there. You just have to recognize it.”