Do you like a book  just because it is a bestseller or you have certain criteria of your own? Do you like an actor/actress because half the world is crazy about him/her or you do really have your own choice? Do you not order something in restaurant because someone else hated it or you dare to give it a try and form your opinion? . Whether it’s books or food or actor is not important…but the psychological behavioural pattern reflects one’s persona.

It seems too obvious to have genuine thought-of reasons/justifications behind our likes and dislikes but does that apply to all the choices we make and everytime?  Ironically, our likes, dislikes, choices are too biased & influenced to be our own quite a lot of  times.

Human brain is a remarkable and powerful machine but it has its own cognitive biases!  There are so many factors that might influence our likes and dislikes. Each of us is gifted with capability to perceive, understand and interpret things in a distinct way which should be used wisely and proudly and frequently. We take into account others’ perspective and weigh it against our own in process of making choices. Sometimes circumstances, our beliefs and desires play an important role in shaping opinions. Running with the crowd might be a very convenient thing to do but being unique (truthfully) is a ‘unique’ pleasure too!

I guess human brains can be put to much better use than processing heaps of information for just forming an opinion. Most memorable and sweet choices are generally made on the spur of the moment based solely on one’s own realization. Whether it is liking a book or movie or someone, it holds a special significance when it’s meant from the heart, without much thinking and any bias!!