Whoa..this is my 50th post!! There are blogs out there with numerous posts but for me 50 is a pleasant milestone, mainly because it’s achieved way before I speculated! When I had my blog set up earlier this year, I was dubious about whether I will be able to maintain it. I had been following other blogs before that and had noticed some of them had very great but very few posts. This added to my skepticism even more. And finally I thought one post per weekend would be good enough to keep it alive. But here I am today, writing my 50th (so soon) and so very glad :).

It was  not my passion, or rather interest,  to write something, especially for a blog which has a much wider audience. Before this blog was born, writing was limited to essays in school,  emails, rare-rare letters (do they still exist!!!) and chat messages only. These don’t even count when we think about writing, isn’t it? But that was all what I  wrote….. until one fine day, I was inspired to have a blog by a friend ..sometimes you just need that last push… and I did my first (not so pleasant !!) post. And I am glad I did it!

Once the journey started, fortunately I hardly ever suffered from writer’s block. Not sure whether this was because I am still an infant enthusiastic blogger or writing was always one of my unknown interests! There are so many reasons why people blog…to share and learn, to stay connected, to empty their thoughts, to satisfy the writer within,  or just for fun. I identify blogging as a way to pen down my thoughts for sharing with others. It’s a pleasure when people like what I write. I like it when someone likes my posts and love it when they comment back to tell that it was useful for them! I hope I will be able to continue with it the way I want to and connect to lots more people. Happy Blogging!! 🙂