We often lose the sight of simple things and do not realise that very unsophisticated inexpensive things can bring about the most pleasant pleasures in life!

1. Talking to a friend : It works like a charm, always, especially if its a friend who knows you inside out. When you know you are not judged based on what you say, you can be YOURSELF and nothing is compared to the feeling when you can be yourself. Talking to an old friend can make your day, like it did for me today :).

 2. Reading a good book: While people can be annoying sometimes, a good book will always be your best companion.You are never alone when you read a book. The man who never reads lives only one.”  As George R.R. Martin rightly said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,

3. Going for a Walk: Its a scientifically proven fact that walks relieve stress, enhances mood & keeps you calm and I can vouch for that. I am a new person after taking long walks, every time 🙂

4. Good Music: There would hardly be anyone who doesn’t appreciate music. People like different kind of music but nonetheless music is something which always make you smile and tap your feet. Pair it with walk or reading a book and it’s the most wonderful free treat you can give yourself.

5. Spending time with loved ones: Most important of all, no words required to demystify this one. The most precious thing people can give you is their time!

So true, best things in life are free!