No-one is perfect… including ourselves and no-one has a perfect life.  We all lack in something or the other and so do our lives. It was like this yesterday, its the same today and tomorrow is surely to follow suit. The biggest question is how we let these things affect us and what do we takeaway from them!

Someone once told me “It’s all about perception”. And it truly IS…at least up to some extent. Bad around us can be advantageous if we can learn something from it:

1. If I dislike someone’s behaviour/acts, I surely do not want someone else to have the same feeling of repugnance for me. In simpler terms, I get ‘something’ to add to my should-not-do list (for my own good). This something can be a teeny weeny thing or very complicated.

2.  If someone holds a grudge against me, I can understand and see how his/her peace of mind is affected by it (it does, for sure) and how it affects everything between us. I now have a recipe for developing rapport.

3. Bad makes us so much more flexible and adjusting. As we can never get rid of bad things around us, we learn to live with these. Learning to make do is a great skill in personal and professional life!

4. Bad things/people sometimes make you realize your inner strengths and creativity….. things which you would have ignored otherwise. 

5. Lastly and most importantly, bad experiences/people help us to appreciate the real goodness of the not-so-bad ones around us. From Incredibles “If everyone is Super, no one is” . We do need bad around us to acknowledge and value the good.

Bad experiences/people/things are not so bad………. 🙂