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Yet another interesting and the most recent sci-fi novel from Kim Stanley Robinson. This one stretches the realm of civilization and mankind across the entire solar system…from Mercury to Pluto.


Swan Er Hong is a Mercurian and is grieving from the death of her grandparent Alex. Little does she know that Alex was working on a secret project involving qubes as a threat to mankind.  She helps “interplan” officer Genette and Wahram in the mission after Alex’s death.

2312 unveils a different age, different time. It’s like a wonderland! People travel through space via terraria, asteroids made habitable after hollowing them out! These are like floating cities..each self sustained with food, farms, animals, lakes, buildings and all. This was THE future feature which I liked the most :).

Author has taken full liberty in imagining things as it’s supposed to be 2312! There are so many things which make you think..wish I could experience that!! 35 is considered as quite young as life expectancy is as high as 200+  and still increasing. No-one bothers about loosing an arm or leg as it can just be regrown! Mercury has a mobile city called Terminator which runs on tracks continuously to avoid the sun facing side of the planet. Venus, Saturn, moons of Jupiter and Saturn…humans are everywhere. Accompanying humans are AIs and qubes, which collectively form a major power in universe. Its full of so many other astonishing science miracles, lot of which are given in form of Extracts which I really liked.

While the rest of the solar system portrays amazing advancements, Earth is a can of worms. Sea level is so high that Manhattan, New York have canals instead of roads! Most of animals have become extinct on Earth.

At almost 600 pages, it was  a long one and became a bit repetitive at the end in terms of sci-fi ish things. One thing that lacks in this book is character building. Characters are short lived and do not impress you at all. Also , the main plot of the investigation seems to be lost so many times in the scientific adventures. Still, if Sci-fi fascinates you, this one undoubtedly deserves a read.