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Today is the “Kshamavani Day” for the Jains. What this means is everyone, apologises to friends and family for anything wrong/hurtful they might have done during the past year.  This day marks the ending of the 8 festive days of Paryushana.  Jainism stresses on not hurting anyone in any form, be it actions, words & even thoughts and this festival allows us to set all the differences aside, say sorry to others and hope for a better future. It is done by saying “Michchami Dukkadam”

India is a land of festivals. Hardly a week passes by without any kind of celebration or festivity. I do like festivals like Diwali  and Holi where we get new clothes, decorate homes, eats sweets, give and receive gifts. But this day holds a special importance where you seek and give forgiveness,  which is priceless. Its not just a formality to say sorry and let it go. When I say sorry to people, it means I do care for them and appreciate their presence in my life, in big and small ways. I need them and want them to stay, which is why I have the courage to apologize to them. 

I know I am not perfect and nobody really can be. But the least we can do is have guts to appreciate both good and bad, in ourselves and in others. It’s so true “It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an ever stronger person to forgive.”