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Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby is one of the very popular American literature works. Its a short, simple read narrating a man’s pursuit of his dream, love of his life,  and how it ends cruelly. There’s certainly nothing out-of-the-world in this one; at least for me. The characters seem very superficial and the reader doesn’t get to know a lot about almost all of them.

It’s narrated by Nick Carraway, who is a neighbour to the Protagonist, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is a millionaire and throws lavish parties. Nick is the cousin of his love-interest Daisy, which is why he befriends him.  Gatsby knew Daisy once upon a time before he was sent to the war and had not much money. Daisy can’t wait and marries Tom Buchanan. She gets to meet Gatsby again through Nick and the old love rekindles. Meanwhile, Tom also has an extramarital affair with Myrtle who gets killed after she is hit by Gatsby’s car Daisy is driving. Gatsby is also with her but no one knows Daisy was driving. Myrtle’s husband kills Gatsby in reprisal and then himself. And that’s it!

Daisy’s character is most unlikable. She is selfish, callow, very opportunistic. She cries when Gatsby shows her amazing shirts and she doesn’t have courage to accept that she  killed someone. Nick’s character is merely of a narrator and is confused about what he thinks of Gatsby for most of the novel. Gatsby’s is a very tragic character; first he has love but no money, then he has money and tries to get his love back. When things look promising, he loses everything. I really couldn’t get my head around the reason what Gatsby saw in Daisy… maybe it’s true Love is Blind!!!

I read this because its one of those “must-read” books. Amazing that it has been filmed 6 times. Probably, I will have to read it few more times to like it a bit more!!