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Couple of weeks ago I received an email  from Leanpub which reminded me of this awesome book I read late last year. “Tap Into Mobile Application Testing” by Jonathan Kohl is packed with everything you need to get  started with Testing Mobile Applications.

First two chapters cover general introduction to Mobile Technology and various elements of  a Mobile device. In chapter 3 (my favourite), the author describes various testing approaches interestingly in form of testing tours. It gives you hints about lots of places where bugs might be lurking. Next chapter talks about testing mobile applications using different perspectives using mnemonic “I SLICED UP FUN” which is really fun to go through!

Chapter 5 is about how to report bugs effectively. Its good to read all these things again even when you know most of them. It had nice tips for all kinds of bug reporting, not only for mobile testing. Mobile Testing Strategy, an important subject, is thoroughly covered in Chapter 6 and can aid you in deciding your  approach to test your application for fragmented market. Planning is discussed in the next chapter. 

Chapter 8 gives more ideas about testing the Mobile application. Security and Performance testing are discussed in the second last chapter. The final concluding chapter talks about “Seven Sins of Mobile Testing” which are pretty useful.

All in All, its an informative read, a crash course in Mobile application Testing and gives you lots of ideas to play with.

Priced at modest $14.99, the book can be purchased via Leanpub at: