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I recently took the course for Certified Agile Tester and got the certificate after sitting the exam. The course is organised by ISQi (International Software Quality Institute) of Germany. It spans over 5 days, four days of training and a written and practical exam on the fifth day.

As opposed to other Testing Certifications like ISTQB, the course material is not prepared by the training institutes. Instead it’s done by the ISQi itself, hence all the course takers will go through the same material, no matter where they sit for the exam.

The course material gives a comprehensive introduction to Agile Methodology, Manifesto, comparison with traditional methods, its advantages, related ceremonies and relevance of traditional roles in Agile. It covers everything in nice depth and breadth. Course days consist of half day of theory going through the course material and the second half on each day is a practical exercise. It’s the practical sessions that stood out for me. First day’s practical was a LEGO exercise based on Scrum. The next three days’ practicals are like real life scenarios where we were given story cards, had to do Scrum Iterations, actually take the code, test it, raise issues, get Acceptance from the customer etc. 

The exam consists of practical and written exam. For practical exams, you are the tester, the team and the customer. You have to take builds, do Iteration Planning, prepare session charts, do the testing and Retrospective…. pretty much everything done in SCRUM. It is followed by a subjective theory exam…yes, it’s not multiple choice. I would not say its very difficult, provided you kept your ears open during the training sessions and went through the course material every day (which is a huge task seriously!!).

I think none of the other Testing qualifications make you do TESTING. Its just about mugging up some theoretical Testing Principles (which might not be relevant in real life!!) and spitting them out in the examination hall. Ironically, people who have no testing experience have been able to score more than people with years of practical exposure to testing.

I am not saying CAT is the best course out there, but definitely I do not regret doing it. Although , it is a bit over-priced at AUD $3300.00..especially if it goes out from your own pocket.. But then, its the same for all certifications!

Please give your comments if you have done this course or are planning to in future.