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There are some issues Tester Murphy faces so many times and so frequently that he wonders whether thats the way things are supposed to be. One of many such issues is the Requirements’ documents and Specifications not being updated to reflect the changes done during implementation. 

The requirements are not written upfront in AGILE and there is no denial to this fact.  And the implementation goes through numerous changes while it transitions from few pages of text to a complete working solution.  These changes belong to different categories: improvements raised by Murphy which are gladly accepted by the team, teeny weeny things suggested by customer during the implementation phase, or things emerging from developer’s common sense etc. Its not surprising that sometimes these tiny things become a mountain of changes. It’s like the initial documentation described a donkey and what’s  implemented is an elephant!!

 Murphy keeps on updating his test cases every time he sees a change and at the end, his test cases are the only existing true documentation of the implementation. Ironically, its not practical and easy for Business and stakeholders to dig into the test cases to understand and figure out the functionality. Its time consuming too.

For such situations Murphy wonders whether Agile’s  less (or Just Enough) documentation is adopted as an all-time excuse for not updating documents. Should it not be done at least at the end of implementation, if not progressively throughout??