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There is an ocean of knowledge around us and our lifetime is too short to learn or be acquainted with even a few of these things.  These are the 5 things which I find useful to satisfy the inquisitive person in me:

1. Read:  Read as much as you can, whenever you can and from wherever you can. I think I am blessed to have reading as my hobby. And, whatever I read, I have always been able to learn something, even if it is only adding a new word to my vocabulary. Read from books, blogs, technical articles, newsletters, magazines. The possibilities are endless. If you don’t see yourself looking out for something to read, subscribe to websites of your interest and make it a rule that you will atleast read what you get in your inbox. I do believe reading as a habit can be cultivated if you are not used to it. And in today’s world, there are means to gratify everyone.

2.  Keep your ears open: By this, I mean observe people and try to catch something which creates Whys and Whats in your brain. And make it a point to figure out what it means later. Sometimes, you just have to know what you don’t know and the rest falls in place automatically if you really have an intention to know and learn. 

3. Sharing and Asking: When you come across something which is new to you, share it , spread it and discuss it. You never know what more new things can you learn by doing this. I tend to appreciate and remember my learnings more when I share it with someone and in turn, I discover more as well…. killing two birds in one shot! Apart from this, if you learn and share simultaneously, like in group learning, its very effective and productive. Same goes for “Asking Questions”. Remember, no question is a silly question!

4. Be Humble and Human: Never think you know everything, because no-one can know ALL. Don’t even assume you know a lot, because once you do so, you create an obstruction for yourself. Make it a habit to learn from anything and anyone. Even bad people and bad experiences teach you something.  

5. Don’t Waste Time: The most obvious and at the same time most neglected factor that proves to be an hindrance in learning process is Wasting Time. Sometimes, you don’t even realise how much time you wasted which could have been used in a much better way. There’s a very fine line between recreation (or having fun) and wasting time. It’s OK ( and absolutely necessary) to watch movies/play games/just do nothing. But you can’t afford to let these things drive you rather than you being in control of your time and life. Time is the only thing which once lost, is lost forever. Never believe in non-sense like “habits die hard”!! If you want to do it, you can do it…whatever IT is.