With great pleasure I introduce Tester Murphy to all of you intellectual people reading this post. Murphy is an inquisitive tester working in the industry for quite some time now. He likes to constructively destruct the software and takes pride in what he does. He is delighted when he can contribute to the quality of the software in any way. So basically he is just another tester!

Murphy wants to share his musings every now and then here, this  being the first of numerous forthcoming posts(hopefully 🙂 ). 

Murphy has got a liking for bugs or should I say its the other way round. Bugs just can’t stay away from him! During a project, it happened that whenever Murphy approached any developer, it was presumed that there’s something unwanted/unexpected to be revealed. Murphy became harbinger of bad news. 

It would have been  upsetting if this happened to any other person. But for Murphy, it was amusing and rewarding…a job well done. So yes, Murphy likes it when people have that skeptical expression when he approaches them.

More to come from Murphy soon…Stay tuned. Till then, happy testing 🙂