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Most of the times when I come across something interesting to read, I don’t have enough time to do it justice and it ends up being one of the numerous bookmarks. Also, it’s very likely the page/link will not be revisited ever again. 

Over the years I have diligently collected hundreds of bookmarks, all sorted in dozens of folders….work & QA & blogs & cooking & lifestyle and what not. Thanks to services like Xmarks that bookmarks from all machines and from all browsers are always synced and available everywhere. The list has become so huge that its just troublesome to access things from there.  The way the bookmarks list opens in browser i.e. the nested menus is too repulsive for me. Sometimes I just preferring googling again rather than going through the whole bunch.

BUNDLR, a chrome extension, comes to rescue (atleast for me). I started using it fairly recently and like it a lot. You can create ‘bundles’ based on topic/area of interest and add pages to them. The saved pages inside one bundle appear as BIG thumbnails as opposed to crammed text in normal bookmarks section in any browser. It gives me more visibility and readability which I really appreciate. Easy to share these with others as well. If you manage it properly and don’t let any bundle go humongous, it’s all nice and easy to sort and refer to. It’s simple and  basic but provides what I need. And as they say, sometimes Less is More!!