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Red Mars, Blue Mars and Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson are fine pieces of science fiction literature. Although written by the author in 1990’s, none of the books seem technically outdated. Author`s imagination on the probable future aspects of Mars colonisation is remarkable.

Red Mars , the first one in the series is undoubtedly the best one. It creates the platform of preparing Mars to serve as a second home to humankind. The journey to Mars, rovers, terraforming , setup of Martian colony…everything is fascinating. Red Mars never bores the reader.

Ok, so the first 100 settled  on Mars in Red Mars. So, what next?? Green Mars too succeeds in keeping you interested in midst of Love triangle of Maya, John and Frank, aspirations and ambitions of people, political & cultural conflicts etc. Things like space elevators from Earth to Mars (whoa), longevity treatments for humans keep you excited and all. It ends with a revolution, bringing down of elevator and a fight between Earthians(made that up 🙂 ) and Martians.

Then comes the third one… Blue Mars, which is full of “Earthly” drama and politics on Mars. People on Mars have secret underground world and is self sufficient. The elevator is rebuilt. People from the first 100 are still alive…aging about 120+ years. And, its not only Mars…humans have reached till Uranus..inter-planet journey is similar to boarding an intercity train on Earth !!!  Humans just want to own the universe.

What started with a pleasant sci-fi journey in Red Mars turned into an overdose of fiction plagued by viciousness of human mind. Frankly, I skipped paragraphs & paragraphs in Green Mars and still din’t feel like missing anything. Inspite of this, the series is a recommended read for anyone who wants to have a sneak peek in would-be/could-be future home for coming generations…you never how many things could be achieved in reality!!