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 Each and every single day, we come across situations where people do things for us…big or small…intentional or unintentional. It happens to all of us and we too prove to be helpful to so many people in so many different ways. I wonder how many times we take time to express our gratitude in WORDS. 

I have read and heard numerous times about being grateful to God for the blessings he bestowed on us…for this life..for friends and family…for everything. Almost all of us have got an unending list of what-we-want things which becomes the focal point of our prayers. We concentrate more on what we don’t have  than what we already have. I think the act of gratefulness towards humans is even more important, because not sure about God, but a humble “thank-you” to a someone might make his/her day.

 All of us definitely want to be acknowledged for every little thing we do..even if it is only opening the door for someone. So do other people around us. Be humble and take time to say “Thank-you”  without exception, to everyone…for every little aid…even when you think they are only doing what they are supposed to do. It doesn’t cost you anything, but few words of thankfulness might do a magic for someone else. 

Being thankful will

* Rejuvenate your personality and give you inner peace by removing the sense of indebtedness.

* Make you share a good rapport with people around you. 

* Help you brighten someone else’s day and make them feel important and it will come back to you tenfolds.

Live a life of Gratitude. Bring a pleasant change to your life and happiness to someone else’s life.  

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”