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The last one in Hunger Games Series and for me the least likable of the three. It was imperative to read it after reading Hunger Games n Catching Fire. The end was very predictable; districts would win over Snow…so the only to-read aspect was to know how and at what cost would this be achieved???

For me it was overwhemingly dramatic and traumatic. Too many killings and unnecessary pomp and show.. I mean doing Propos when country is at war!!! Just couldn’t digest it….

Katniss lost all the human touch in this book. She was vulnerable, confused and sometimes wierd.  I thought killing Finnicks and Prim was totally unjustified. There was enough sadness already everywhere 😦 .

Half-way through the book, I was almost ready to see Katniss die for the cause and the same fate for Peeta, just because it was impossible to imagine him being alone without her.

The best part was the short conversation between
Snow and Katniss followed by Coin being killed by Katniss. This was something  for which I am truly thankful to Suzanne!

Overall, it was a must read being the last of the series but not very enjoyable.