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After Reading Hunger Games, I was very curious about the second one in the Hunger Games triology: Catching Fire.  Volcano of questions blasted in my mind about the successor. How would Katniss’s and Peeta’s life change after victory? What will Snow do to curb the spark of rebellion in the districts? What will happen in the lives of Gale, Katniss and Peeta? Will Katniss continue the deceitful display of her affection for Peeta, now that the games are over? And Many more….But truly and surprisingly, I did not think about the next hunger games. The Quarter Quell!!

I could not admire and like Katniss’s character as I did in Hunger Games. She was clouded by confusion and indecisiveness. Her behaviour towards Peeta was condemning in the beginning.  She could not portray the courage required by her character,  like in the victory tour in District 8 where she was a total flop. Throughout the victory tour, Peeta stood out as a  true victor.

It was a much required welcome change when they decided to behave like friends. And then there were the 75th Hunger Games where the tributes were chosen from alive victors in all the districts. Undoubtedly, it was Snow’s plan to get rid of Katniss, the girl on fire. Finnick’s character was a refreshing addition to the games.

The arena was as good as the 74th Hunger Games, maybe better and well-suited for the 75th Games. Nice to set up the arena as a clock with every hour bringing a new horror for the tributes.

All the excitement (for the reader!!) and adventure stopped abruptly when Katniss and few others were taken away to the District 13 ..yes it exists underground!! Just the thought of District 13 being existent is reason enough for you to give the third one a read.

All in all, it was not disappointing but surely less captivating than the first one. The thing that worked most for me was the way Peeta and Katniss were trying to keep each other alive.

 And yes, I am waiting for the movie to hit the cinemas!