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I thought of doing blogposts about reviews long time ago but never got a chance to do so. Or maybe I was just being lazy and ignoring it. So here goes my first “opinion” post.. I prefer calling it opinion instead of reviews to keep it more casual!

Since I was in school, I was fond of reading and I still am. A book is still my preferred companion however less time I have got in my day-to-day life. I remember, when I was a post-graduate student, I used to follow a kind of timetable and the last half hour before going to bed was reserved for reading. Time which I considered well-spent.

Its evident that numerous blockbuster movies were best-sellers before they were filmed. Be it Lord Of the Rings, Harry Potter Series, Twilight Saga or Dan Brown novels, the list is endless and spread across a wide variety of audience. 

Generally, I have always felt closer to characters which I read than which I see. Might sound strange to some but it’s so true for me. As a matter of fact, if a book is made into a movie, I prefer reading the book before watching the movie. And movies have always disappointed me, probably because it’s not easy to capture everything from a book into 120 minutes of the film.  I can’t think of a movie which I have liked more than its corresponding novel.

There are a few things which I know I appreciate about a book:

1. A book is generally narrated by a character ( though not always). When I read the plot from narrator’s point of view, I challenge myself and take some time to think about the same thing from others’ perspective including my own! Somehow, I can’t find it easy to do while watching a movie. My mind only soaks in what is shown on the screen, maybe it doesn’t let me think beyond it.  I just remember one movie Vantage Point which depicted it beautifully, but because that WAS the movie’s plot!! 

2. For every scene in a book, author portraits the background in words like describing the place where Bella and Edward’s wedding took place in Breaking Dawn. A movie never gives me enough time to perceive the beauty/details of the background. Partly, because the screen changes very fast and partly because I focus too much on characters.

3. I feel and understand the characters more when I read. I can not explain the reason why but this is it. If someone is dying in a story, I cry more when I read rather than I watch it on screen!! I can’t forget the scene when Sirius Black dies in Happy Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. J. K. Rowling’s words left a more vivid image and impression on my mind than the not-very-well-picturised-and-emphasised scene (IMHO) in the movie.

So yeah, for me a book wins over a movie anytime without a second thought 🙂 

I hope I’ll be able to write lots of opinions soon. Not only about the books I read, but lot of other things. Happy Reading to all those who enjoy it and for those who don’t, try it. I am sure you will realise you were missing out something great!