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How much I dote on those green, blue, red, yellow and orange candies. The joy of seeing them dropping down the board…cascading…disappearing….is just unparalleled  😀 and the immense pleasure I get when I see Divine, Tasty or Delicious on the screen!! It’s so very true that ignoring a crush is not easy! And I seem to be completely and madly  in love with these little colored devils. Not so good for me though!

I never fell for ‘farmville’ or ‘Criminal Case’ etc inspite of numerous requests & updates received on FB. And so was the case for Candy Crush for a long time (Google just told me it was released on Nov 14, 2012!!) . I knew hell lot of people are playing it tirelessly, repeatedly and religiously! By no means I am a mundane person and I do have games installed on my phone and tablet, but none was able to capture my attention for very long. And I thought of my self-control to be quite good when it comes to WASTING time on unproductive things! As if, I have lot of spare time, hah!

Anyways, so one fine day, about a month ago, I installed THE Candy Crush on my tablet with an innocent intention of finding out what is driving people crazy about it. Honestly, I did not know at that time that it had hundreds of levels or it would need FB friends’ help after some stages. Just played about 30 levels and one day heard colleagues talking about it over lunch. Someone casually asked me if I play (THE) Candy Crush and I nonchalantly said “Oh yes..I recently started and I am just on 30 something level” (notice 30 something here !! 🙂 ). Then I was told I will need friends to help me unlock levels after level 35. And so, facebook account was synched with Candy Crush.

I could see lot of friends on the board…far far away and AHEAD of me. “If they can, why can’t I”, said a tiny voice inside me…and the hell broke loose. ……Thanks to my frenz network operating in all time zones, there was no more 30 minutes wait for the next life! I always had ample to keep me hooked to it for non-stop 2 hours.  Being stuck on one level started making me restless..as if playing Candy Crush is the only sane thing to do. I even watched youtube videos of people playing difficult levels. God, I can’t believe myself! The 30 something few days ago changed to EXACT level number when I quoted my progress in front of others. And I was never happy that so many people are still ahead of me :(. Mind you, I am not the only such person.

After more than 3 weeks of tomfoolery ( no offence intended against myself or others!!), I have started realising how much time I have wasted and will continue to waste if this doesn’t stop. Not that it’s affecting my day-to-day work, just that I could do something more meaningful in that CANDY time. As I have poured down my thoughts into this post, I hope I will be able to restrict myself to few minutes or JUST five lives of CANDY CRUSHING! And one day, not sure when though, I might have enough courage to uninstall the game from my device. Till then, I’ll have fun in the Chocolate Mountains or Cupcake Circus or Pudding Pagoda!!! (Ahh, even the names are so yummy!!)