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At the time of writing this post, I have sore arms & legs due to so-called extensive work (as per my standards!) I did yesterday for tree-surfing.

This year, I wanted to do something challenging for my birthday, something which normally scares me off! Height being one of the top-listed items.

Finally, we ended up doing a day trip to Enchanted Maze Garden, about an hour drive from Melbourne CBD. Inspite of the afteraffects, I am glad that we visited the place.

It had number of mazes: hedze mazes, spring maze, turf maze etc. I liked 3D maze the best, though it was not the first time I had seen something like it. I smiled when I heard a small girl (after coming out from maze) saying to a small boy ,”It’s a bit scary inside” innocently, maybe to scare him and prove herself as brave!

There was an area of obstacles like Tyre-Tease and rickety bridge etc where adults were having more fun than children. The garden has a small lake with fountain in center and with trees displaying autumn colours, it was a feast for the eyes. Also, providing for good opportunity to photpgraphy lovers for some great shots.

Apart from all these, the show-stealer was the tree-surfing activity, the main reason for our visit. It had 5 levels of varied difficulty in terms of height and had total 50 aerial obstacles. It was a bit intimidating  in beginning, but later I was scared only of one activity which had logs with ropes (like swings) to walk on. There were two of these and I got stuck on the first one, later being escorted by the staff-member to complete it (cos once in the trail, you can’t come out in between!). The second one, I did all by myself! Rest was fun, a tiring adventure.

If it hadn’t rained later in the day, it would have been a perfect day. Nonetheless, it was a memorable one.