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I  joined the fanclub of Sophie Kinsella (author of Shopaholic series) fairly recently. Needless to say, I do love shopping, I mean who doesn’t (some people just don’t accept)?? But the million-dollar question is Am I a shopaholic or Am I not?

Anyone who has read any of the shopaholic books, especially Confessions of a Shopaholic,  will instantly understand where I am heading to. Rebeka Bloomwood aka Becky (the protagonist) is definitely a big-time shopaholic. But then I guess, do such people really exist amongst us?? Whether or not, there is a Becky in all of us, including men (YES!! THEY DO LIKE SHOPPING EQUALLY, only the field of operation is different). It’s just on circumstances, opportunities, mood or sometimes nothing that Becky overpowers us and we do pamper ourselves a bit :).

So, back to the question…. when I ponder upon my chances of being one (noticed I already started avoiding THE word!!), I mostly end up with a NO. Here are the reasons why I think so:

1. Unlike Becky, I am not in debt  upto my eyeballs because of shopping.

2. Everything which I own in multiples actually belongs to Can-Have-Lots-Of list. Confused?? Well, it can be clothes, bags, accessories, footwear, watches etc etc. I don’t have 50 cars or 45 houses or 30 TVs….you know what I mean!!

3. I do Window shop sometimes and return home without any of the glossy bags 😦

4. I do use all the things that I purchase. Ok, I agree sometimes I lose  track of something for some months, but as soon as I realise that I own it, I try to accommodate using it asap and aoap (as often as possible, made it up just now!!). What I am trying to say is I  don’t just  buy things for the heck of buying, everything serves a purpose..hmmm!

5. I don’t like buying things for myself only, I buy things for home/friends/loved-ones.

6. I don’t have everything which I wish I had!

7. I don’t have all the nice, admirable things my friend/colleague/neighbour has AND I can afford to possess!!

8. If I look back at my worst shopping month in last 4 years, the total comes out to be 10 % of my salary that month. THAT Surely is not bad at all, especially when those months come once in a blue moon and compared to what Men’s share would look like after they buy a tablet/TV/laptop/DSLR!

9. Lot of times, I have gone to a shop after seeing an internet ad/promotional offer and actually not bought anything! Point is, my brain is trained well enough to erase “I-have-to-have-that” feeling after careful evaluation.

10. More than couple of times, discount vouchers have seen the face of bin!

Furthermore, I can also reason why I buy lots of things (not according to me , according to some people):

a) It’s a good bargain!! I restricted myself when it was full-priced, God is giving me a chance to enjoy it now…should I let it go??

b) Its’s a basic must-have for your wardrobe like a black Tee or Blue denim.

c) I want to reward myself for something good that I did. I am not going into nitty gritty of this one!

d) I need some variety in my life!

e) I can afford it without causing havoc to my bank balance.

f) Most importantly, it cheers me up!

The gist is: there is always going to be someone who will not like something or the other that you do, let alone shopping. So, why worry …each of us is unique and has exactly one life, wants different things from life, has all the rights in the world to be happy. Enjoy your life to the fullest and buy what you can & should buy, like I do :P.

Happy Shopping!