Working in IT industry for 4+ years now, most of my time is spent on and around softwares. Be it testing software or just using it, analysing software or hating software, I always wonder how much can you relate them to people around you and how much can you learn from them.

Every piece of software, or anything for that matter, is meant to serve some useful purpose. As long as that happens, it will be your favourite. The moment you realise that it lacks something you desire, it starts loosing its importance and  can soon become a thing of past.  I won’t say that the same thing applies to humans and people around you as it’s difficult to abandon people like things. Nonetheless, it’s very true that people are significant in your life till they do what you expect from them. 

A piece of software or application goes through series of upgrades and improvements over time because the user , aka you, wants more from it due to  growing needs/ trends. Does the same not apply to people around you??? The more they do for you, the more you want from them and the vicious cycle goes on and on. Alas, it’s not as easy to upgrade people as it is for a software!

A software holds its importance till it can tweak itself to suit your needs. Else, you will find a substitue or you will keep on using the same, grudgingly,  in case you can’t find a better one. Same applies to people..those who can modify themselves to make you happy or atleast pretend to do so and create an illusion, remain your best of pals for long. If you are forced to keep up with them without the desired FEATURES, it’s never the same….isn’ it? If you think for a while, maybe you will find a few such people around you. I would say you are extremely lucky if the count is zero, because that means, either you have perfect people around you or you have learnt to love/like their imperfections :).