It was almost 5 years ago, while doing Post Graduation,  that I was last sitting in a classroom to learn something. Post that, I started working and almost forgot what a classroom is like. It’s so true that you don’t miss something when you have it and more truly, you realise the worth of it only after re-experiencing it!!

I had this opportunity to be a student again last week when I attended a 5-day course called Certified Agile Tester. Organised by an institution called Planit, the days were divided into morning theory classes and post-lunch practical sessions. Theory classes were interactive, informative and the practical sessions were fun, pure adrenaline rush.

One needs some sort of discipline to be a good student; to attend lectures sincerely, participate in discussions , come home and revise, and look forward to the next day. Sounds so childish but this is what I really want to do sometimes and forget about all home and work worries. Wish I could do that…..This short lived student life was not as relaxed as the actual one but I did enjoy each and every day of it.
One thing I will remember from this training is surely the exciting practical sessions. We were doing what we do everyday at work, which is testing software, but with a different time-boxed & very planned approach. This is what made it fun and enjoyable.

If I could be as discplined atleast few days every month, in terms of actually doing what I plan to do every day, my life would change drastically. It’s simple to write it here but words do not turn into actions so easily. Now that I have written it down, maybe I can read it and get inspired more often :).

The training was a pleasant change to my boring weekdays’ life and I think I realised what I lost in last 5 years!!