This is my first blog-post ever and a humble request to everyone for not flying with China Southern Airlines if you value your time and money.  Reason being an awfully frustrating experience I had during my trip to India recently.

If you don’t want to spend some time reading the details, just be wise, trust me enough and decide not to fly with them.

My Journey from Melbourne to my doorstep was supposed to take 24-25 hours, but thanks to China Southern Airlines, it took 96 annoying hours. 24/12/2012  05:00 AM… it was 3 degrees in Ganzhou that day, when our Melbourne  flight landed and I was supposed to board the next flight just 2 hours later. I was super excited to go back home for a much awaited holiday.

We just saw a notice of the flight being delayed by 2 hours. I was worried but it was  OK as I would still be able to catch my domestic flight from Delhi for my hometown. After more than an hour, there was no boarding and I just hoped it would be maximum couple of hours more.

After two hours, there was no update anywhere…noone had any answer about the delay (I am still calling it only a delay!!!!). It was very cold…. we were not given any food…. there was hardly any drinking water nearby….noone hardly knew English…those who knew they pretended that they din’t understand.

Finally..there was a time when when I knew I would not be able to catch the booked domestic flight as I was stuck in China. Making a phone call was very expensive..you need to buy some IC Card…AUD8.00 for 4 minutes worth of time. One coffee costs you AUD 10.00, a box of Pringles AUD37.00.  The money that I spent on Coffee and a simplistic sandwich would buy me 2 decent meals in Melbourne.

Spending money would be OK if the passengers were treated nicely. The food that the airlines people gave was pathetic and that too was given very late. I don’t even want to describe what it was..noone could eat it.  We were made to sit at the airport till 6 PM in evening (from 5:00 AM)!!! All the time , noone was responsible enough to tell that the flight had been cancelled. Other flights were landing in Delhi..except for China Southern (First excuse : “Weather bad in Delhi” , Second: “Weather bad in China” , Third and the best : “Weather bad in between Delhi and China”!!!!). It was very sad to see people with small babies travelling alone that day.  I was myself travelling alone and I can say that it was the horrible experience I ever had.

When we were sent to Hotel, there was no Airlines staff with us. We had to take care of ourselves that we are not left behind in hotel when the coach to airport departs the next day. Next morning, again the flight dint depart at the scheduled time. Staff was more rude. When asked questions, they dint even bother to look at you..just kept smiling. When their manager was called, he shouted at the top of his voice for telling the boarding time. I still remember all passengers shouting SHAME SHAME at that time!

Highly unethical and disgusting behaviour on their part.

It was the same story while coming back. Flight from Delhi to China was cancelled. Thankfully, the hotel and food was OK. In China also, the flight to Melbourne had already left and we were sent to a hotel. Beef Noodles was the only thing they gave for dinner, that too without water…Yes…there was no drinking water provided in the room. Even Non-vegetarians couldn’t eat those noodles. We had to go out, get currency  exchanged and buy food at 10:00 PM in night.

More to these..where have you seen Smoking Zones under a roof…that too just outside toilets?? Ganzhou Airport is the place where you see such things.

In-flight services are not good either..they serve you non-vegetarian food even when you have requested for vegetarian and then they argue saying you are sitting on the wrong seat!!

Lot of my fellow passengers were heard complaining of missing baggages or late arrival of their checked-in baggages. Most of us had wasted 2-3 days in journey itself.  I lost 2 days work time and my domestic flight fare.

I can’t think of any possible problem/issue/inconvenience/mishappening that China Southern Airlines is not capable of giving you.

I am not a person who takes New Year Resolutions, surprisingly had one this time… NEVER EVER FLY WITH CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES.

P.S: I paid AUD1960 for the fare , which is not cheap!!!